Rivertime Management
Our resort and ecolodge is a largely family-owned and operated project. The company, (Rivertime Resort and Ecolodge Co, Ltd.) is a registered joint venture company and is operated by Barnaby Evans. The resort is majority-owned by Barnaby's family but also with shareholders from Laos and Holland.

Barnaby is from England and has travelled widely but fell in love with Laos and stayed. He has now lived in Laos for four years, including two at Rivertime. He speaks English, French, German and Lao and is responsible for customer contact, marketing, investor relations, accounts and anything else that comes along!

Thanongsack is a Thai national and is responsible for many of the operations of the resort as well as guest relations. He is the manager of the garden restaurant, the grounds of which he designed and landscaped with flare, detail and care that is immediately apparent to all visitors.  He continues to care for the garden areas and oversees the garden kitchen as well as some of the resort’s cultural activities.

Thanongsack and Staff

'Khamkeun, a Lao national, was the original general manager of the resort and remains a close friend. He has been working with the original founders, the Gibson family, for over 10 years. Before that, he was an agronomist with the Ministry of Agriculture and one of Philip' Gibsons first (and best!) students. He was instrumental in getting all the necessary government permissions and licences needed to legally operate the business and was the project manager overseeing construction of the resort. He is now responsible for much of the smooth running of the resort's supply chain as well as infrastructure such as the water supply and electric systems.

Our Mission Statement
The management, owners and partners of Rivertime Resort and Ecolodge have 4 main aims:

  1. To provide visitors to Laos with a genuine experience of Lao nature, Lao culture and the Lao people which will be educational, rewarding and memorable
  1. To play a significant role in the protection, preservation and promotion of the Lao natural environment.
  1. To provide opportunities to underprivileged Lao children and improve the educational environment both locally and nationally.
  1. To provide a reasonable rate of return on investment for the initial shareholders in the resort, without whose contribution the building of the resort would not have been possible.


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